12-IN-1 MULTI-Purpose Toolbox

Tool Shed

A 12-in-1 multi-purpose toolbox that transforms handheld tools into benchtop tools in seconds


Power tools

Wide a wide range of Rotary Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Equipped with Premium Quality Brushless DC Motors, Stellen Tools tackle tough jobs.


Maker Tool

Create futuristic ideas by using DOER Hotwire Foam Cutter, DC Soldering Iron (comply with DOER battery), Table Disc Sanding Mini Lathe Table



By sliding the grip from the rear to the front of DOER tool head's installation grooves until a satisfying, audible "click" is heard, portable power tools with continuously variable operation speed are created after installing a battery pack.


Wheels and a Telescopic Handle,
turn the box into a trolly



Benchtop Functions

Drill Press World's First Brushless DC Motor Drill Press
  • Max, Drill Thickness: 2.5in. (65mm)
  • Chuck: 13mm (1/2in.) Metal Sleeve
  • RPM: 550 / 1,850 rpm
  • Battry: 20V_Max
Table Hotwire Cutting World's First Portable Table Hotwire Cutting
  • Max Cutting Height: 80mm
  • Battery: 20 Volt_Max
  • Temperatures range : 50-250°C
MINI LATHING World's First Brushless DC Motor Mini Lathe

Most A rugged, multi-function toolbox with stainless steel work surface provides a sturdy base for table-top operations.

Table Sander World's First Brushless DC Motor Table Sander
  • Voltage: 20V_max
  • Battery: 20Ah/4.0Ah
  • Sanding Pad Diameter: 6in
  • Speed Setting: High/Low
  • No Load Speed: 5000 - 190000RPM
Table Saw World's First Brushless DC Motor Table Saw
  • Max. Cut Thickness @ 0° : 2.25in (56mm)
  • Max. Cut Thickness @45° : 1.75in (45mm)
  • RPM: 4400 rpm
  • Battery: 20 Volt_Max Li-Ion
SCROLL SAWING TABLE World's First Brushless DC Motor Scroll Saw
  • Throat Depth: 1.3in (33mm)
  • Max. Cut Thickness 1.5in (40mm)
  • SPM: 2,800 spm
  • Battry: 20V_Max


The FoldaBAG provides secure storage and exceptional
space efficiency. Unzip the bag's corners to expand and
give easily access all contents. Custom straps and
pockets provide secure storage .