Limited Warranty Policy
Some products have limited warranty. Should this item fail during the warranty period, Stellen will repair the damage or replace the unit, if eligible. This warranty applies only to manufacturing defects. Damage caused by misuse, physical trauma, or excessive wear and tear above the normal and reasonable capacity of the units design and purpose - such as constalnt use in manufacturing / assembly line environment - will not be covered. Consumable item such as heating wire, drill and bits, saw blases or any other item that "self condumes" as a result of normal are use excluded from the warranty policy.

To receive warranty service, the unit must be return to Stellen apointed service center. The user is responsible for shipping cost and Stellen is responsible for return shipping cost of the repaired/replaced product. All return must include a copy of the original purchase receipt as well as a completed RMA foem. Take note of the instructions related to safely packaging the product you wish to return.
Warranty Terms and Conditions
To register a product for Stellen warranty, visit
You will need to register your product with us if you have purchased from an official thirt party Stellen retailler.
Orders of a Stellen ONE(1)Grip are covered by a 3-year warranty, the DOER Toolshed, Stellen Tools, Creative Marker Tools, are covered by a 2-year warranty. All other products e.g. batteries, spares and accessories, are covered by a 6-month warranty. To qualify for your warranty you must have proof of purchase.
The guarantee becomes effective at the date of purchase (or the date of delivery if this is later). If a product is repaired or replaced during the warranty period, the warranty period is not started again.
Stellen does not guarantee the repair or replacement of a product as a result of:
If your product stops working at any time, please visit our support area where you can find troubleshooting, including online manuals, FAQs and how-to videos, as well as genuine spares and replacement parts compatible with your product.

If your product is within its warranty and has a fault, please do the following: